SRC Technologies Inc

Turning Analytics Into Action

At the heart of SRC’s technology is a small but extremely powerful decision engine known as AIDE© – the Automated Intelligent Decision Engine. Designed to be the next generation in heuristic artificial intelligence, it essentially simulates the ability of the human mind to process information. It learns, analyzes, predicts, and then recommends actions and business processes on an intuitive basis.

This technology can dramatically expand the capability of nearly any software or enterprise system by adding advanced analytics and automated decision making to the current capabilities of the software or system. For instance, AIDE can take the streaming results of a software application, further analyze them and return additional results, recommendations or actions to the application. This functionality is provided in real time, meaning AIDE’s analysis and decisions are rendered “on the fly” without the need for software programmers to modify existing rule sets for decision-making. AIDE automatically alters existing system processes and outputs based on real time changes in conditions, requirements, and demands without any intrusion into the application source code. AIDE can also compare its initial conclusions or decisions to actual outcomes and use this information at a later time so that future decisions are more accurate.

AIDE’s flexible interoperability eliminates the need for equipment upgrades or costly re-engineering to existing systems. Users can acquire the advantages of AIDE while keeping their existing software and hardware. AIDE reduces large scale implementation and post sale support services required for complex technology solutions. In addition, AIDE has a very small physical, software footprint and is designed for rapid integration into third party computer software and hardware applications.